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Open Doors ministries

Open Doors


Petra North received Jesus Christ as her saviour at the age of 7 after a personal visitation from the Lord Jesus. His words and presence sustained her through a difficult childhood. She discovered other believers in 1994 and came into the charismatic church. The last 20 years have been preparation for such a time as this. 2014 marks the year of open doors and the beginning of the fulfillment of dreams and promises to minister to, equip, commission and release other believers to advance the Kingdom of God and make His glory known.

Latest Project

After a ministry trip to Israel in 2011 the Lord put it in Petra's heart to personally connect believers in the land with believers in the wider body of Christ on a 1:1 basis for prayer, support and relationship. Since then the ministry has grown into weekly prayer, quarterly gatherings and annual tours for believers to meet each other in person. 



Israel Connection


BOOK - When God says "I am here"

All glory to God, after 7 yr years of struggle, the book of my childhood testimony is finally in print. I am overwhelmed at God's faithfulness and steadfast encouragement.

The book is available on Amazon in USA, UK and Europe. May the love of God find its way into the hands of the children that need to know.

We value your prayers to ensure that and to also ask the Holy Spirit if there is someone you could gift a copy to.  Bless you.


Bethesda Rescue Ranch


After a vision from the Lord in which horses were used to bring healing to people, Petra North went back to university to study Equine Science and graduated with a 1st class honours degree in 2012.

The first Equine Retreat Centre is planned for Colorado, USA with others following. 

In the mean time, a sister ministry "Healing with Horses" is starting out in Cambridge, England and currently looking for volunteers to participate :) If you would like to participate in a session with horses, please email for an application form.

News 1

After a glorious book launch celbration in December, the reviews on Amazon have the purchases made. Praise God for the many testimonies of children reading the book again and again, not wanting to part with it, finding God and His love in the midst of their situations. We give you all the glory Lord. 

News 2

News 3

Healing with Horses has started in Cambridge, England. We are currently looking for more volunteers to participate in a session with the horses so do email us if that's you - it could change your life...

Our last tour was such an adventure we can't wait for the next one. It takes just 3 people to make a tour financially viable. If you are stirred in your spirit for an adventure with Holy Spirit in Israel, let us know... we would love to host that.

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